Rear Alignment Lockout Washers 


 These lockout washers utilize 10.9 bolts and sqaure washers for zero slip. 

Lockout washers are designed to be used in conjunction with aftermarket adjusable camber and toe arms. The aftermarket arms become the primary adjustment point and now the poor designed eccentric washers will no longer slip because they are replaced with these lockout washers!

OEM Eccentric washers are a poor design? Why is that?

Yes - the oem toe bolts and off centered eccentric washers do not provide enough camber and toe adjustment thus requiring aftermarket adjustable arms. Once aftermarket adjustable arms are mounted there is no reason to adjust alignment specs using those eccentric washers. The problem is they are still in the equation and are found to slip.

What about aftermarket Toe bolts that come with wider range adjustment eccentric washers?

Well, the aftermarket toe bolts on the market utilize a semi circle toe bolt to mount the eccentric washers. They obtain the semi circle by machining a "flat" section out of the bolt in order to have the higher range - eccentric washer slip over the bolt. This is where the bolt is weakend and becomes the reason why the aftermarket toe bolts out on there begin to SLIP and STRETCH when load is applied.


I track my car heavily and would mark my eccentric washers before an event. After laps i would find that those marking indications no longer match up. So under heavy tracking loads they can't and WONT stay in place and of course wont stay accurate.

Now if your not familure with your 350z's suspension? Where do these mount?

Okay your Z utilizes 4 bolts and 4 sets of eccentric washers! read below:


A pair at the inside camber arm location (2 bolts, two washers per bolt)

With the purchase of any aftermarket camber arm to adjust camber, a set of my bolts and lockoutwashers can be used.


A pair at the inside spring bucket arm location. (2 bolts, 2 washers per bolt)

As long as you have true coilovers and no springs mounted in the spring bucket location then you can use my lockout washers but you would need an adjustable toe arm to replace the non adjustable oem spring bucket arm. SEE MY LINK ON MY HOMEPAGE FOR TOE ARMS I SELL!

Do I need these?

After reading above you would know or should know if you need these? If you track your car actively then you would want them.

My customers (most of them) that dont have full coilovers only get one set to mount at their camber arm location because everyone needs camber arms on their Z when lowering below what facory specs allow.


$30 shipped per set of - 2 each (1 pair)

$50 shipped for 4 each (2 pair - complete both rear camber and toe locations)

2each (1 pair)  =  2 - Bolts (10.9 strenght); 2 - pervaling torque lock nuts; 4 - total aluminum square lock out washers.

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