Hood Shocks

How Nissan Originally Intended


 Okay I have contacts at Nissan and learned that the 350z originally was designed to have hood shocks!

However, via an internal error on the hinge, the hood shocks were axed and the hood prop was implemented last minute.

If you look at the hood hinges you can see the same "Squiggle", identical to that of the rear hatch shock mount. (base of the hatch)


WHY? - Why was it axed! the "squiggle" placement was too far outboard and the intended shocks would hit the fender!

With my small head end caps and slight trimming of the passenger side fender the hood shocks fit and work as originally Intended


You can also see that the battery cover and brake cover both have a semi circle where a cut out would have been during the abs plastic plug molding.

:This is where you trim at the battery/brake cover plastic to access the existing bolt hole to mount my shock mount:

:This is where you trim the fender lip, on the passenger side only:

:This is where you drill a 1/4" hole in the "squiggle" on the hood hinge to mount the shock ball and nut:


I have hood shocks for both oem hood and CF hoods, please specify when ordering!

:My set comes with:

2 hood shocks

4 ball studs (2 thread directly at factory fender bolt hole, 2 must be mounted in "squiggle")

2 nuts to mount ball studs to squiggle.

2 small profile metal ends to attach to squiggle end.


Any special request?